About Business Common Sense

Common sense is one of the most rare business skills.  Over a business career that started in 1976, I’ve seen a lot of people who would be much better off if they possessed more of it.

My goal is to provide you with perspectives that will enhance your career.  Some will reflect the conventional wisdom.  Others will attempt to show that common sense dictates a different course.

Why should you listen to what I am saying?  Here are some of my career highlights:

  • Education:  MBA, BS in Computer Science, BS in Management Science all from Penn State
  • Large Company Experience: IBM, Penn State, and Armstrong World Industries
  • Entrepreneurial Experience: 3 successful startups
  • Industry Experience:  Consultant to over 30 Motor Vehicle OEMs and hundreds of wholesale distributors
  • Job Experience:  Started as a migrant fruit picker, became a janitor, worked on assembly lines and as an inventory clerk, computer programmer, salesman, and President and CEO.

You can read more of my writings on the Quora website:  https://www.quora.com/profile/John-Myers

Are there topics that you have a special interest in reading about?

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